Can my photo be printed on wood?

Yes, all formats and orientations of photos are accepted. If you have any concerns, you can email your photo to sales@momentsblock.com for clarification.

Is it okay if my photo was taken on my phone?

Yes, most of the blocks are printed from customers' mobile phones. Photoshop experts edit all images before printing, and if there are any quality or layout issues, you will be contacted.

Can I use a photo saved from social media?

Social media photos are usually fine, but they may not be as high quality as the original photo. Ideally, you should use the original photo from your phone or camera for better quality. If you're unsure, you can email your photos to sales@momentsblock.com for advice.

How will my picture fit on the block?

Your photo will be professionally cropped to fit your chosen block. If there are any issues, you will be contacted directly.

Can I use hexagon or heart shapes for my picture?

The most suitable pictures for hearts and hexagons are those with the subject in the center of the frame and background around them to be cropped to the shape.

Are the sets the same as the single wooden blocks?

Yes, the only difference is the pricing.

Can I print illustrations or artwork on the blocks?

Yes, illustrations, paintings, gallery prints, and other forms of artwork are all suitable for wood printing.

Can I use portrait or landscape orientation on all sizes?

Yes, all products can be portrait or landscape. Sets can even be a mix of both.

Do you ship internationally?

No, currently shipping is only available to customers in Singapore.

Do you offer bulk, trade or wholesale services?

Yes, for any enquiries, please email sales@momentsblock.com