How we do it?

Moments Block, views the world from an eco-friendly perspective. Our products are made with the aim of minimizing the carbon footprint and promoting environmental sustainability. 

Our love for the environment and passion for creating quality blocks is reflected in every aspect of our work, from the moment an order is placed to the moment it's delivered to the customer. We promise to provide our customers with the finest products made and handled with care. 

Our UV printing method involves using inkjet technology to directly apply ink onto the block, similar to printing on paper. The ink used is a specialty type that is long-lasting and resistant to water and fading, ensuring a high-quality finish. 

 The printing quality is exceptional, and the prints are resistant to fading and scratching, with a waterproof finish. The blocks are made of sturdy, natural wood and are handcrafted in an eco-friendly manner. 

They can either be free-standing or hung on a wall. Additionally, you can print directly from your mobile phone on the spot, or shop online in just three simple steps. 

What does all these lead to? We possess an incredible capacity to transform printed photos into astonishing Moment Blocks, which has significant benefits for your beloved photographs. 

They are now: Preserved Waterproof Resistant to fading Resistant to damage A cherished keepsake for life



MomentsBlock, a Singaprore owned and operated, handles everything in-house. We view the world through an eco-friendly lens and are committed to leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. 

Our passion for the environment and our blocks drives us to bring you the best possible products, from order placement to delivery. 

Our unique UV printing technology applies ink directly onto the block, similar to printing on paper. We use specialty, durable ink that creates a high-quality, water-resistant, and fade-resistant finish. 

Our environmentally-friendly ideology ensures that our products are made with love and care for both our customers and the planet.


  • Resistant to fading and scratching
  • Waterproof printing
  • Made from solid and natural wood
  • Handcrafted and environmentally friendly
  • Can be displayed free-standing or as a wall hanging
  • Print directly from your mobile phone or shop online in three simple steps.